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New Music for July ’23

As fashionably late as I can possibly be, this July update is really for June, which saw my second release with Emergent Cities in the form of ‘By Your Side’.

‘By Your Side’ started life as an Aiera track named ‘Bayside’, which was to be an album opener for a tale never finished. The slow arp gliding through the track is straight from this original, but the similarities and borrowed themes end there. Instead, buzzing heavy bass elements power the track along with running melodies underpinning the core drums. This track was a joy to write, and exemplifies my effort to make trance tunes that are as melodic as they are powerful.

As I adjust to full-time work again, updates will come. A couple of posts are mostly written, and more music is on the horizon. For now, enjoy ‘By Your Side’!

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