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Hailing from Cairns in the Far North of Australia, Kinesthetics champions the sound of modern trance and progressive, inspired by major acts such as Above & Beyond, Jaytech, and Oliver Smith to name a few. Seeing successes in the past under the guise Aiera, Kinesthetics aims to repeat the feats by dedicating himself to continually learning and improving. Following many years of work behind the scenes, a redux is now underway, with many releases slated for 2021 and beyond.

The word ‘kinesthetics’ represents learning by doing, reflecting a desire to keep learning and working, but for the music it transcends this simple meaning. Kinesthetics denotes strength to push on and keep going, to achieve and advance by doing, no matter the barriers or physical limits ahead.

2018 saw the release of Sound of Motion: Planetside, the first album in the thematic Sound of Motion series, with a second album releasing late 2023, and more installments beyond. With these and more, the sound of Kinesthetics will continue upward to greater heights as he continues the journey started long ago.