My name is Ryan, and I’ve been producing music since 2007. I am a computer engineering student and electronics tinkerer alongside my music venture. My artist name ‘Kinesthetics’ embodies motion and learning by doing: to keep moving forward and pushing on no matter the barriers ahead.

Contact me: ryan[at]musicbykinesthetics[dot]com

Explainers and Terminology

My music is spread across separate websites and services; mainly YouTube, Soundcloud (under construction), and Bandcamp. The links to those sites, among others, are in the sidebar to the right of this page. Most major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, also host my originals and official remixes.

  • YouTubethe best place to hear my music. Originals and remixes, both official and unofficial, are uploaded here, and it is kept most up-to-date.
  • Soundcloudonly the most recent originals and remixes are uploaded here due to their 2-hour upload limit.
  • Bandcamponly originals are uploaded here. Some more obscure tracks not released through distributors (who upload to streaming services) are hosted.

Alongside these services, my music can also be found on Beatport, which is a platform for trance and electronic record labels to sell their releases. These often cannot be directly uploaded due to copyright ownership, so they are included in my YouTube and Soundcloud playlists.

Some terminology used in my music:

  • Remix – an alternate take on an original track, normally done by another music producer. These are both official (label commisioned) and unofficial (sometimes called bootlegs). It’s an opportunity to get a great chord progression or melody spun into a different style or sound.
  • Recraft – a self-used term sometimes going under the initialism VIP (variation in production), this is a reinvention of an existing track. For example, Sound of Motion: Planetside has two: Solstice, which first existed in 2014 as a progressive track; and Still Life, a track produced in 2008 under the name Electrodia.
  • Blend – also called a mashup by other producers, this is a combination of two or more tracks to create one new one, often in the form of an acapella (the vocals track from another song) over an instrumental.